Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Red Pill? Or religious conservative blue pill. Hurr Durr!

Some author at the Red Pill report had this to say about gay marriage and cultural Marxism.

Homosexuality is wrong. There, I said it. Call me intolerant, call me homophobic, call me a bigot. Call me whatever it is you like, but I said it and I’ll say it again. Homosexuality is wrong. Not only is it wrong, it’s the first major step being taken in the breakdown of this country and the fundamental ideas that it was built upon. In speaking about the truth of homosexuality, Pastor Scott Lively says, “Many people today will still say that they don’t support same-sex marriage, but very few will call it like it is and say that homosexuality is wrong.” If we cannot accept and prove the fact that homosexuality itself, is wrong, then how would we even begin show that same-sex marriage shouldn’t be? 

Some people still think that they can fight cultural Marxism by fighting the groups that have been brainwashed the most by it. Some go so far to still confuse the degenerative ghetto culture of the LGBT community with homosexuality. Some go so far as to thinking that a fact of human biology found in probably less than 2 to 6 % of the human species is what is destroying society, and not feminism and divorce. Gay marriage is a symptom, but not the cause. No, he is not [insert leftist buzzword], he is just misguided and wrong.

What I find ironic is the name of the site, the "Red Pill" report. That is a good one, LOL.  I'll just repeat myself:

For marriage to be saved, it is imperative for secular and religious conservatives and traditionalists to forsake their old arguments and use new ones. Instead of trying to return society in the past, they must embrace the ""inevitability of history".
In other words, they must fight fire, with fire. Instead of using dogmatic religious and political arguments, they must use secular and scientific ones. Instead of using their resources "fighting homosexuality", they must embrace the truth that non-reproductive sexual behavior between adults exist. Marriage should be seen as a cultural duty, as a reproductive imperative, but at the same time embrace the merry band of misfits among them. The homosexual could still be convinced to enter into such a union with a lesbian woman, if he desires offspring. 

 The rest of the article is just the usual "Oh lawdy Gawd and Jesus!" nonsense that got them in this trouble in the first place.

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