Thursday, September 27, 2012

Communist Goals (1963) II. Comments

While scurrying throughout the internet, I came across a list of the goals of the Communist movement, Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35.
I’m not so sure about the sources, but every single goal sounds familiar, and seems to be related one way or the other to cultural Marxism.
Looking at that list you kinda have to think the Soviet Union really won the cold war and we have been substituted like some Orwellian version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The stasi and KGB did infiltrate heavily. Such a busy band of merry reds.
In the past I’ve asked myself why does the left-wing want to accept gays? I thought they would have killed people like that in Soviet Russia.
Russia isn’t very religious. I know that sometimes even without a religion people still hate gays but that could be a factor. Or maybe, just maybe… bare with me… communism is itself a religion
Do you think North Korea isn’t religious?
Communism in Russia looks more like a successor to Tsarism than anything. Just like communism in China looks like a strange dynasty. Just like communism in Latin America is often explicitly religious, what with Revolutionary Theology and the get go.
Statheism, Communism and the Revolution were their religion.
The Communists were against it because it was seen as a form of “bourgeois decadence”, even thought they had homosexuals in their countries. They wanted to create a new man, Homo Sovieticus, that will be born, live, work, breed and bleed for the Revolution.
I’m not saying ‘durp, not real communists’, since I don’t think communism is viable on a national scale, and it’s impossible to try it without an authoritarian state enforcing it. I’m just saying that it’s not like communism swept away history or society or culture or religion anywhere it takes power. It just bends it slightly.
As for the gays? They are a good scapegoat to blame for the ills of society. Many gays and feminists are the useful idiots for cultural Marxism, without even knowing it. It is in their benefit for us to blame gays, politicians, Jews and whatever. While I doubt there is still a Marxist conspiracy, I do believe that their cultural memes have spread and mutated. F*** man, I’m a homosexual, and scared of this dangerous ideology. We need to return to the principals of classical liberalism, and start our own march through the institutions, in the hopes of turning the tide.
Because of this reason, and the fact that communism failed to take root in the West, we now have cultural Marxism.
The first cultural Marxist blamed the failure of the Revolution on the proletariat, saying that they are still the slaves of their beliefs and culture. They sought to “liberate” them. Why do you think Hitler rose to power? It’s because the Frankfurt School pushed too many buttons. Hitler used the red scare, and the same dialectic of inevitable conflict to rise to power.
It seems that history is about to repeat itself. Just replace the Red Scare with the Euro Scare, and you will witness how dozens of reactionary fascist movements will pop-up all over Europe, Russia and the Anglo-Sphere.
It’s funny you know.
The soviet union fell and broke apart yet this horrible bunch of evil bullshit that they started got a life of it’s own and continues under it’s own steam.
Not only that but it’s coming into eastern europe to devour the very nations that came up with it like some kind of Frankenstein monster.
It makes me wonder how many of the guys behind this Putin rubbed shoulders with and what he thought of them then and now.
As for the gay thing?
They didn’t like gays. They thought that promoting homosexuality would help destroy the West.
They’re just wrong. Acceptance of homosexuality is inevitable if people are free to associate, have free speech and a free press, and if consent is important in sexual relations.
People can be right about one thing and wrong about another.
Homosexuality isn’t that big a deal. Promiscuity on the other hand is.
The issue isn’t the romantic and sexual conduct between consenting adults, but promiscuity and unsafe sexual acts (anal sex for example). And no, I am against gay marriage. Not all of us are gullible.

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