Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I: Who in blazes am I?!

It might seem strange for many that people in general are  multifaceted, that they hold different views and ideals, that they don't center their entire existence around a single issue (for the most part). As such, many of my left-leaning friends were shocked to find out that I do not agree with the common held stereotype that if one is part of a certain minority, that individual must hold the same values, ideals, political, social and religious opinions as the rest of the self-segregating "community".

Before continuing, a little about myself.
I am a student in Eastern Europe, a born and bred Romanian, and a male homosexual with a set of - I must admit - peculiar political leanings and points of view, or at least when one thinks of a person like me. Indeed, in the eyes of the majority, be they in Europe or the Anglo-Saxon Sphere of influence, I should be a left-leaning progressive liberal, a gay activist, and have somewhat socialist leanings, and although I do admit that I once fitted in this mold when I was a teenager, with the passing of time it became more and more apparent that there is something askew with the whole panoply and activism of LGBT and feminist politics seemed poorly constructed, not grounded in reality, and while with the best of intentions, misguided.

And no, I'm neither one of those "ex-gay", self-hating people that latch on to the delusion of change (while sexual behavior can be modified, the feeling and desire is still there). I respect and accept myself.  But I am also what some would call a 'reactionary' - or an asshole, if you prefer the term. This blog will be a place where I will try and show that the entire gay movement, allied with the feminist and multicultural movements, are misguided, out of touch with reality, and in the long run, destructive.

To best understand this, we must first learn what cultural Marxism is. The wiki page there is just a rough idea, but it should suffice for the moment.

When discussing cultural Marxism, and its effects on culture and society, one must be careful not to give the wrong impression, especially in a post-Breivik world, least on be considered to be a part of a group subscribing to certain dubious political leanings, or even worse, one that wears a tinfoil hat.

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